Sense of self spirit animal

I am an empowering force, helping you to amplify and project your inner strength.

I am the Tiger of Strength.

Powerful & Effective Energy Work

Get Your Soul Clearing

It's time to clean up your energy field to unfold your highest potential.

Sense of Self Spirit Animal

I help you embrace your intuitive powers

Connect to your inner voice.

Meet Our Sense of Self Healers/Changers


Consiousness Teacher & Channel For Circle of Light

Dirk Nellens

Human Design Analyst

Amaia Sourbe

Energy Intuitive & Holistic Healer

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Sense of Self guides you toward self-acceptance, healing and personal growth.

We have designed a collection of symbols in the form of spirit animals, ancient hieroglyphics and psychadelic artwork to support your unique jouney of self-discovery, toward healing, wholeness and empowerment.

We have a network of healers who provide meaningful insights to help you explore your feelings, break old patterns and accept yourself in all of your forms. 

Sense of Self strives to provide you with that relatable space to feel whatever you feel, whenever you feel it. We are a place where you belong and, no matter your struggle, no matter your journey – we want you to feel supported. 

Meet Our Spirit Animals

Each Sense of Self Spirit Animal provides inspiration and guidance to support you through deep healing, transformation, and reflective shadow work.

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