Tiger of Strength Notebook


I am the Tiger of Strength Spirit Animal Notebook. I provide a safe space so you can experiment with many different perspectives. I hold no judgement. 

I am your shield against the drama and mind games that trick you into believing you are not good enough or that everything is falling apart. Share these thoughts with me so my massive paws can tear down distorted projections about yourself that do not reflect your truth.

I am a spiral-bound notebook with 80 pages of college rule paper. I'm perfect for jotting down thoughts and sketching ideas. I am printed on 70# Husky Opaque Text and SFI certified for meeting sustainable forestry initiatives. 

If you're looking for a notebook that reminds you of your inner strength, look no further than the Tiger of Strength Notebook. As uncomfortable and unyielding as the depths of our own darkness may be, with me by your side, you will emerge from it stronger and stronger, time and time again. Trust in me, and I'll take good care of you.

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