Peacock of Confidence Notebook


I am the Peacock of Confidence Spirit Animal Notebook. I provide a safe space so you can experiment with many different perspectives. I hold no judgement. 

I am beyond form, transcending nice and mean, good or bad, right and wrong - when I am judged you silence my channel of communication. My messages are subtle and come through in different ways. I am gentle yet insistent. 

I am a spiral-bound notebook with 80 pages of college rule paper. I'm perfect for jotting down thoughts and sketching ideas. I am printed on 70# Husky Opaque Text and SFI certified for meeting sustainable forestry initiatives. 

If you're looking for a notebook that helps you to explore the beauty and freedom of your humanity look no further than the Peacock of Confidence Notebook. Call on me when you need to find a stable, supportive force within. Trust in me, and I'll take good care of you.

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