Snake of Journey - Surrender To A Greater Force Within You!


This is part of the Spirit Animal Journey:

🐍 The Snake of Journey - This phase is when you recognize something in your life is not working. Your thoughts and feelings are narrowly focused and nothing new is happening to break the cycle and allow change.

Program Includes

  • Georgia Jean and Sense of Self discuss what energy activations are and how to use them.
  • Georgia shares an important tool for your transformation journey: It's time to surrender to a greater force within you. 
  • Energy Activation 1: Deconstructing The Matrix One Layer At A Time - this recording discusses the resistance we all experience in our life especially when we KNOW it is time to change. The energy is potent and the message is powerful. 
  • Energy Activation 2: The Balloon of Your Existence Explained - this recording gives you a new perspective on the energy we are versus the egoic construct of our mind and body.

*Listen to the Energy Activations while going to sleep until your egoic mind starts accepting the information on a subconscious level. 

*Tip: Journal about resistant thoughts that come up, and any ah ha! moments.