Soul Clearing - Release Disruptions & Clear Your Energy


Are you feeling like something is blocking your progress? Do you feel stuck in a pattern that holds a lot of resistance, and you can't break it no matter what you do? Are you running a constant loop of negative thoughts that you can't get rid of? Do you feel chronic pain in your body or tired all the time? Are you extremely critical of yourself and others? Do you have an "addictive personality"? Do you keep attracting negative circumstances, relationships or lack of abundance?

❤️‍🩹 It's OK - It's Not Your Fault

We all have an energy system that is as complex as our physical bodies. We are trained not to believe in what we cannot see yet we experience energy blocks in the form of resistance that creates havoc in different areas of our lives. We think this is normal but it is not.

Energy imbalances and blockages can manifest in many different ways depending on our beliefs, traumas and other factors. Negative thinking patterns is an example of energy blocks within your energy system - it can distort your perception of reality through projections, blame, anger, grief, pain, addiction, perfection, control etc. These distortions are experienced through your nervous system as emotions and mental body as thought patterns.

🦋 Soul Clearing with Amaia 

A Soul Clearing helps to release prominent disruptions, such as:

  • Blockages and resistance to change
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Compensatory or adaptive coping mechanisms that no longer serve you
  • Contracts and cords that need breaking

This clearing addresses patterns in your life that no longer work and disrupt flow. By helping relieve tension, and release the energy of negative behaviors, it removes the disruptions that hinder connection with your spiritual life and true nature.

Through this process we can re-pattern, correct, and restructure energy bodies (chakras, subtle bodies, etc..) to enable the clearing to ground and take hold.

The Process

Amaia has developed a unique protocol to efficiently check the main elements and principal disruptions of your energetic system. She tunes in and works from a distance. She will do the clearing for you, then you will receive a report by email of what she found and cleared on the same day.

What To Expect 

  • There is nothing for you to do for or during the clearing.
  • It is possible that the day of the clearing and the day after, you may feel more vulnerable, and tired than usual.
  • Be gentle with yourself, try to avoid stressful situations, and drink more water than usual.
  • It takes 2-3 days for the work to stabilize.

How It Works 
Once you purchase, you will be directed to download a pdf with instructions to submit your personal information. 

    Once Amaia receives your information she will come back to you in the next coming week via email with your report outlining what she found, and cleared.