Sense of Self guides you toward self-acceptance, healing and personal growth. We use a collection of symbols in the form of spirit animals, ancient hieroglyphics and psychedelic artwork to reflect complicated emotions and align with your distinct journey.


Sense of Self brings together healers, artists, storytellers and individuals who are all on a personal journey to overcome hardship & trauma and transmute that energy into healing and wholeness.

 Our collection of Spirit Animals were built as symbolic guides to provide comfort and make you feel seen in your darkest days. Each animal is designed to represent a specific part of the healing journey, allowing you to truly “own” where you are, the feelings that come with it and the overarching trajectory to a better self. 

Our network of healers expose you to different healing modalities and new ways of thinking that can sometimes be challenging and expensive to explore through traditional therapeutic methods. The insights, virtual experiences and resources provided are intended to give you a roadmap to better understanding yourself and the perceptions that created your way of thinking. 

As you progress through your self-acceptance journey, think of us like a megaphone to amplify your voice and a conduit to a safe space.


Adopted from Korea as a young toddler, Kim Murray came with her own set of pain filters that spanned abandonment, rejection and feeling unloved or unwanted. Having run her own digital marketing agency since 2014, Kim is passionate about authentic marketing strategies for brands that drive a true impact in the digital world with Sense of Self as one of her core clients. 

Kim created Sense of Self and the Spirit Animal collection to act as guides to help others embrace their darkest shadows and reveal their light. These symbols were made to serve as companions that can help reflect emotions, traumas and experiences to give others a figure that represents and empowers any stage of their individual journey.

For most of her life,

Kim felt like she was living in the darkest room of her subconscious mind, creating test after test in different relationships with the hope of finding acceptance and love.

Like many, she devoted her energy to pleasing others because she had no sense of self. Whether her feelings of abandonment and rejection were rooted in truth or not, Kim created that reality by buying into each feeling to create a highly charged and negative experience. 

It took many books, meditations, healings and transformation techniques to realize that her core beliefs were positioning her as a victim and affecting every facet of life. When triggered, her paranoia, anger and blame were overwhelming; and, once settled, she’d continue with a parade of shame, guilt and denial that created an intoxicating cycle. 

It was after identifying her negative core beliefs that Kim realized the universal purpose of life: to reclaim, re-architect and re-invent ourselves. At that point, everything changed. 

In her new world

of freedom and perspective, Kim identified moments of co-dependence and began practicing interdependence. She learned to give and receive love, celebrate her strengths and exercise her talents in an untethered and empowering way.

Where she was once crippled by it, she now embraces negative emotions like an old friend that simply needs to be heard. Her passion for self-discovery and transformation are manifested in a lifelong journey through which Sense of Self was born – not just for her, but for everyone. 

Where she once had confusion and doubt, Kim’s biggest change is that she now believes in herself and understands her values. The self-discovery process is not an easy road and learning to accept, integrate and channel negative emotions can be the most daunting of all. 

Sense of Self was built around a collective of people who all suffer their own pain and drive a unique healing journey.

The community is built to show anyone that they are not alone and how supporting and accepting oneself in all its forms is the path to self discovery and acceptance.