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Know Yourself

The Spirit Animal Journey is a powerful self-discovery program that helps you gain deep insights into your true nature. Whether you are facing major challenges in your life or simply seeking direction and guidance, in this unique program we discuss each spirit animal phase of healing, and growth to help you identify your own subconisous patterns that hold you back from living a fulfilling life.

i am the

Snake of Journey

Like the snake instinctively knows to shed its skin, I appear in your life when it’s time for you to release old patterns and ways of being. To shed – an old identity, bad habits, toxic relationships – is to journey down a winding road.  Along the way you will unearth and revisit deep-rooted issues, but each time brings a fresh perspective that helps you release the hold it has on you. 

i am the

Eagle of Healing

The eagle calls on you to have the courage to abandon the familiar to soar with confidence into the unknown. But have no fear! My expansive wings offer protection as you burst open and awaken to the courage and power within you. With my support, you can rise above the stories and struggles that keep you stagnant and small. 


Tiger of Strength

I am unapologetic, intuitive, and courageous. My primary role is to give you the inner strength to look inside yourself in the most raw and truthful way. My massive paws tear down distorted projections about yourself that do not reflect your truth. I am your shield against the drama and mind games that trick you into believing you are not good enough or that everything is falling apart. 

i am the

Butterfly of Transformation

There is tremendous beauty in life’s continuous unfolding. I help you embrace change and push past self-doubt to accept yourself in all of your forms. Your limiting thoughts and belief systems trap you in what’s familiar and hold you back from your unlimited potential. I provide the safety of a cocoon as you discover fresh forms of yourself without fear, trusting your untested wings to fly without a doubt in your mind. During periods of intense personal growth, I bring ease and a sense of playfulness to the process. 

i am the

Stag of Honor

The stag stands tall with its head held high, holding space with great admiration and honor for you. You have walked through the darkness in the healing phase and felt the deep sorrow, loneliness, and confusion when facing the shadow self. You have felt the strong resistance in the transformation phase as you worked to integrate the subconscious and conscious mind to reveal new truths.

i am the

Peacock of Confidence

Now that you have debased the protective personality, and torn down the veils between the #mindandspirit - I step forward to usher in a new era for your #senseofself. I represent the power within you that has been waiting to be released. As the Peacock of Confidence, I offer you a unique and powerful gift - to be on your own side. This immovable inner confidence is a space deep within that is quiet, sacred, stable, unwavering, and supportive. 


Wolf of Intuition

I help you tap into your inner alpha of knowing so you can embrace the empathic, balanced, and protective nature inside of you. With deep awareness and surrender to the current moment, I  reveal answers to your life’s questions. You may not trust me because I am not obvious, or trained. At first, you may not recognize the difference between your mental conditioning and inner wisdom. I invite you to get curious.

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