I took on an intense healing journey and developed the Sense of Self Spirit Animal Journey over the course of 8 weeks. I developed each phase as I was breaking through my own inner nightmares.

With the support of Hypnosis, Human Design, Soul Readings, Energy Clearings, Meditation, Books, Chakra Clearings, Reiki, Sauna, Wine, Massages, Wine, Gaia, Husband, Daughter, and friends - I've released hidden stories that were filled with opposing beliefs and met the extremes of my personality - invited, honored, and shifted the anger that kept coming up throughout my life - felt the full density of deeply suppressed e-motions, and with all of this chaos energy I have learned to renew and reimagine it into creative power. This has served as the antigravity I needed to take myself to the next level in my relationships, work, and body.

As uncomfortable and downright messy as it has been, I am empty yet whole. I have learned to accept and support myself in all of my forms. So any stories that surface that hold me back, I ask to see them, to let me see what I need to change and I will embrace the split energy and honor all that comes with it because I am not afraid of any part of myself.

 Now that the illusions have collapsed I get to discover who I truly am and what I am really capable of with confidence. My self-discovery journey has just begun as a @SenseofSelfer.

Version 2.0 #SenseofSelf - The Peacock of Confidence

I am a Sense of Self Spirit Animal: The Peacock of Confidence.

Now that you have debased the protective personality, and torn down the veils between the mind and spirit - I step forward to usher in a new era for your Sense of Self - I represent the power within you that has been waiting to be released.

As the Peacock of Confidence, I offer you a unique and powerful gift - to be on your own side. This immovable inner confidence is a space deep within that is quiet, sacred, stable, unwavering, and supportive.

Each eye on my feather represents the ability to see and accept different aspects of yourself. Unblinking, they are a reminder that you have the right to feel, experience, and show all your colors and forms.

For a long time now, you have held yourself and others to impossible standards. I encourage you to accept the distortions within you, and with grace, turn every conflict into an opportunity to grow.

With a powerful Sense of Self, right and wrong, good and bad makes little sense anymore, it is all relative - relative to what is important to you.

Your Sense of Self is Promethean, interchangeable, and experimental - live using this framework, and you will experience the beauty and freedom of your humanity.

Like me, do what comes naturally to you - ruffle your feathers and fan out–the world is ready for you.