Butterfly of Transformation Glass Drinking Jar with Lid


Refresh your perspective with every sip from the Butterfly of Transformation Glass. This 16 oz drinking glass, carefully crafted from lead-free glass, is a daily nudge towards embracing the shifts and changes life throws your way.

With the Butterfly of Transformation beautifully detailed on its surface, it's a visual representation of your own ability to evolve and grow, printed with precision to last through every phase of your journey.

Ideal for your favorite chilled drinks, imagine pouring iced coffee over nugget ice in this glass, the cool, refreshing blend symbolizing the joyous and exciting nature of transformation. The snug bamboo lid and sturdy plastic straw make it perfect for enjoying your drink without spills, whether you're at home or on the move.

This glass isn't just about utility; it's about making a moment for yourself. A gentle hand wash is all it takes to keep it as a sparkling reminder of your journey. It's suited for those moments when you need a pause, a deep breath, and a reminder that change, like the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, is full of beauty and potential.