Butterly of Transformation Woven Blanket


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Wrap yourself in the essence of change and new beginnings with the Butterfly of Transformation Woven Blanket in Soft Moss. This blanket, crafted from 100% pure cotton, is a luxurious testament to personal growth, featuring a detailed woven representation of the Butterfly of Transformation, a central figure in our Sense of Self spirit animal series.

Offered in three sizes (52x37 inch, 50x60 inch, 60x80 inch), this versatile blanket serves as a cozy layer on a chilly evening, a vibrant addition to your home decor, or a unique backdrop for outdoor gatherings. The intricate weaving process ensures a depth of texture and color, highlighting the butterfly's journey from cocoon to flight against the tranquil backdrop of Soft Moss.

The playful yet sophisticated fringed edges frame the blanket, adding an extra touch of elegance. Beyond its physical warmth, this woven blanket symbolizes the joyous and exciting nature of transformation, encouraging you to embrace change and the unfolding of your potential. Let the Butterfly of Transformation Woven Blanket be a constant reminder of your journey towards becoming your most authentic self, providing comfort and inspiration in every thread.