Eagle of Healing Woven Blanket


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Envelop yourself in the nurturing embrace of the Eagle of Healing with our Woven Blanket, available in three sizes: 52x37 inch, 50x60 inch, and 60x80 inch. This blanket, masterfully crafted from 100% pure cotton, showcases the Eagle of Healing from our Sense of Self spirit animal series through an exquisite woven technique, bringing depth and texture to its symbolic representation of healing, protection, and new beginnings.

The luxurious weave of this blanket brings to life the eagle's expansive wings and nurturing essence, set against a backdrop that invites warmth and comfort into any space. The colorful fringed edges add a playful yet sophisticated touch, making this blanket a versatile piece for your home. It can serve as a cozy throw, a striking wall decoration, or a comforting companion during moments of reflection and healing.

Durable, warm, and inviting, the Eagle of Healing Woven Blanket is more than a decorative item—it's a reminder of the courage and resilience within you. It offers a protective presence, encouraging you to soar to new heights, overcome obstacles, and embrace the healing journey with confidence.