Sense of Self Inspirational Magnets


Transform your magnetic surfaces into a canvas of inspiration with our unique package of 5 magnets. This collection marries the raw power of the Tiger of Strength with the depths of subconscious artwork and the reflective wisdom of the quote "Life happens in the gray." Each magnet, sized at 2x2 inches and constructed from tin-plated steel with a strong magnetic backing, ensures a secure hold on any magnetic surface. These water-resistant treasures are designed for easy care, needing only a wipe with a damp cloth to stay clean.

In this carefully curated set, the Tiger of Strength stands as a symbol of courage and resilience, while the subconscious artwork invites a deeper exploration of your inner landscape. The quote "Life happens in the gray" serves as a daily reminder of the complexity and beauty of life's journey, encouraging a perspective that embraces nuance and depth.

Perfect for personalizing spaces where you reflect, work, or create, these magnets are more than decorative elements; they are daily affirmations of strength, introspection, and the nuanced journey of life. Whether it's for your refrigerator door, office filing cabinet, or any magnetic board, each magnet in this set is a step towards a more inspired and grounded existence.