"Overcoming and Becoming" 5x7 Desk Top Print


Introduce a powerful narrative to your space with the "Overcoming and Becoming" Acrylic Print. This 5x7 inch artwork, printed directly onto .220 inch thick acrylic, captures the essence of transformation and resilience. The image—a woman half enveloped in darkness and half in light—symbolizes the journey of overcoming challenges and evolving into a stronger self.

With its matching acrylic display stand, this piece stands as a testament to personal growth and the balance between struggle and enlightenment. The subconscious artwork, rich in symbolism and depth, invites viewers to reflect on their own paths of overcoming and becoming.

Ideal for adding a touch of inspiration to any desk or shelf, this acrylic art print serves as a daily reminder of the duality of human experience and the continuous journey towards self-discovery and renewal.