"Overcoming & Becoming" 12x18 Acrylic Art Print


The "Overcoming & Becoming" 12x18 Acrylic Print captures the essence of transformation and resilience in a strikingly visual form. Affixed to a thick protective acrylic block, this artwork presents a three-dimensional appearance, offering viewers a dynamic perspective on personal growth. It depicts the journey from shadow into light, visually narrating the story of overcoming challenges and evolving into a stronger, more enlightened self.

This BPA-free acrylic print is not only a testament to personal resilience but also a commitment to environmental and health safety. Mounted with a french cleat, it's designed for easy installation, instantly transforming any room into a space of inspiration and reflection.

To maintain the vibrant clarity and impact of this print, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. The "Overcoming & Becoming" Acrylic Print is more than an artistic addition to your space—it's a daily reminder of the strength within, ready to guide you through moments of doubt towards a path of becoming.