Peacock of Confidence Woven Blanket


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Infuse your space with the essence of self-assurance and vibrant display with the Peacock of Confidence Woven Blanket in Soft Moss. This exquisite blanket, made from 100% pure cotton, features a complex woven representation of the Peacock of Confidence, a symbol from our Sense of Self spirit animal series that embodies the strength and beauty of showing your true colors.

Available in three sizes (52x37 inch, 50x60 inch, 60x80 inch), this blanket's versatility shines through whether used as a statement wall hanging, a cozy sofa throw, or a distinctive picnic blanket. The detailed weaving process creates a luxurious texture and depth, setting this piece apart from printed alternatives and making it a truly unique addition to your home or outdoor adventures.

The Soft Moss color, complemented by colorful fringed edges, adds a serene and natural touch, reflecting the peacock’s association with renewal, integrity, and the confidence to stand tall and proud. This woven blanket not only offers warmth and comfort but also serves as a daily reminder of your inherent worth and the vibrant life you're capable of creating.