Peacock of Confidence Glass Jar with Lid


Step into your day with the vibrancy and assurance of the Peacock of Confidence Glass. This 16 oz masterpiece, designed from the finest lead-free glass, is more than a mere drinking vessel. It’s an emblem of the confidence and inner power waiting to be unleashed within you.

The Peacock of Confidence, exquisitely depicted on its side, symbolizes the majestic journey towards embracing your full spectrum of self, rendered in vivid detail through advanced Inkjet Digital Printing.

Ideal for a variety of beverages, this glass invites you to enjoy your morning latte, a refreshing afternoon lemonade, or a soothing evening herbal tea, each drink a reminder of your unique strengths and the beauty of displaying your true colors to the world. The bamboo lid and durable plastic straw enhance its functionality, making it a stylish and practical choice for any occasion.

Maintaining the luster and message of your glass is easy with a simple hand wash, ensuring it remains a cherished part of your daily routine. As you drink from the Peacock of Confidence Glass, let it be a daily affirmation of your inherent worth, encouraging you to live boldly and with purpose.