Stag of Honor Glass Jar with Lid and Straw


Step into each day with the Stag of Honor Glass, a beacon of grace and self-respect on your journey toward understanding yourself better. This 16 oz glass, meticulously made from the finest lead-free glass in the USA, stands as more than just a container for your beverages.

It symbolizes the honor and admiration you've earned by navigating through life's challenges with courage and determination. Adorned with the Stag of Honor, it embodies the strength and persistence required to face and grow from every experience.

Perfect for a refreshing iced tea in the warmth of the afternoon, a vibrant smoothie to kick-start your morning, or a soothing herbal tea as the day winds down, this glass, complete with a bamboo lid and plastic straw, is a versatile companion for all your hydration needs, mirroring the resilience and adaptability you've shown on your path.

Caring for this glass is straightforward with a hand wash, ensuring it remains a lasting token of your journey. As you drink from the Stag of Honor Glass, let it remind you of the bravery, love, and persistence you've demonstrated on your unique path.