"The Feeling Is The Healing" 12x18 Acrylic Print


The "Feeling Is The Healing" 12x18 Acrylic Print is a profound visual affirmation of the healing power of embracing our emotions. Set against a thick protective acrylic block, this artwork gains a mesmerizing three-dimensional quality that brings its message to life. It portrays the complex journey of navigating through emotions, symbolizing the whirlwind of feelings with a depth that seems to leap from the surface.

This BPA-free acrylic print ensures that your environment remains as healthy as it is visually enriched. With a french cleat attached to the back, hanging this powerful piece is straightforward, allowing its transformative message to resonate within your space.

Caring for the print is simple; a wipe with a damp cloth keeps its message clear and impactful. "The Feeling Is The Healing" Acrylic Print stands as a beacon of emotional awareness and self-care, offering a constant reminder of the transformative journey through feeling to healing, perfectly captured in this striking 12x18 format.