"The Feeling Is The Healing" 5x7 Desk Top Print


The "Feeling Is The Healing" Acrylic Print brings a powerful message of emotional awareness and transformation into your space. This 5x7 inch acrylic piece vividly portrays a woman amidst a whirlwind of emotions, encapsulating the tumult and beauty of facing one's feelings head-on.

Printed on .220 inch thick acrylic, the artwork is a vibrant representation of the journey through emotional landscapes to find healing and strength.

Paired with a matching acrylic display stand, this print is not just an artistic expression but a reminder of the therapeutic power of acknowledging and experiencing our emotions.

Positioned in your personal or work space, it serves as a daily encouragement to embrace the healing process that begins with feeling, making it a meaningful addition to any environment that values growth and emotional health.