"The Feeling Is The Healing" Blue - 12x18 Acrylic Art Print


"The Feeling Is The Healing" Blue 12x18 Acrylic Print brings a serene yet powerful energy to any room. This stunning piece, encased in a thick, protective acrylic block, showcases a captivating three-dimensional effect, highlighting the journey through emotions in a tranquil blue hue. The artwork's portrayal of navigating a sea of feelings, emphasized by the soothing color, offers a visual metaphor for the healing process.

This print is BPA-free, aligning with a commitment to both mental well-being and environmental health. Equipped with a french cleat for easy hanging, it allows for immediate transformation of your space into a sanctuary of calm and introspection.

Maintaining the luminous quality of this print is effortless—simply clean with a damp cloth. "The Feeling Is The Healing" Blue Acrylic Print serves as a gentle, daily reminder of the healing power of acknowledging and experiencing our emotions, captured in a visually striking blue that soothes and inspires.