"The Feeling Is The Healing" Sepia - 12x18 Acrylic Art Print


"The Feeling Is The Healing" Sepia - 12x18 Acrylic Print channels the timeless essence of healing through emotional depth, presented in the warm, reflective tones of sepia. This artwork, encased in a thick protective acrylic block, offers a three-dimensional look that adds a layer of nostalgia and introspection to its powerful message.

The image, capturing the tumultuous yet transformative experience of confronting and moving through emotions, is rendered in sepia tones to emphasize the universal and enduring journey towards healing.

This BPA-free print is designed not only for its aesthetic appeal but also with health and environmental consciousness in mind. The addition of a french cleat ensures effortless hanging, allowing this piece to become a focal point of any room dedicated to wellbeing and emotional growth.

Maintaining the print is as effortless as its message is profound—simply wiping it with a damp cloth preserves its sepia-toned beauty and clarity. "The Feeling Is The Healing" Sepia Acrylic Print stands as a testament to the healing process, inviting viewers to embrace their emotions with the warmth and gentleness that sepia hues evoke, making it a significant piece for anyone on a path to emotional clarity and strength.