Tiger of Strength Glass Jar with Lid and Straw


Harness your inner power with the Tiger of Strength Glass, a testament to resilience and raw courage. This 16 oz creation, proudly made in the USA from lead-free glass, embodies the fierce spirit of the Tiger of Strength. It's not merely a glass for your beverages; it's a reminder of the unyielding strength within you, ready to face life's challenges with a heart of a predator.

The detailed depiction of the tiger, a symbol of intuitive power and unapologetic courage, is perfectly captured through precise Inkjet Digital Printing, making every drink a moment of empowerment.

This glass is designed for the drinks that refresh, rejuvenate, and relax you throughout the day. Picture filling it with a crisp, cold lemonade on a hot afternoon, a rejuvenating smoothie to kickstart your morning, or a chilled herbal infusion to unwind in the evening. The bamboo lid and plastic straw add a convenient touch for enjoying your beverage, whether you're at home or on the go.

To keep your Tiger of Strength Glass in pristine condition, a simple hand wash is all it takes, ensuring the tiger's gaze remains as compelling as the day you received it. This glass is more than an accessory for your daily hydration; it's a daily nod to your inner strength and resilience, encouraging you to live boldly and authentically, every sip a step closer to your true sense of self.