Journal Entry By Energy Intuitive & Healer: Amaia Sourbé

In my early childhood, I lived through various forms of abuse, as well as abandonment and rejection. I grew up with a profound lack of love and developed a very poor sense of self worth.

All my life, I have sought to fill this void of affection with my relationships.
Not being aware of my value, and therefore of my limits, I was ready to do and accept anything to be loved. This led me to give away my power, believing that others knew better than me what was good for me.

I lost touch with my essential self and needs, which resulted in toxic, abusive, and codependent relationships. It was only after reaching an extreme level of self abandonment and rejection that I realized I was repeating the same patterns of abandonment and rejection from my childhood. This allowed me to see the value of my life. It was at this moment that I promised myself never to give up on myself again.

It was very painful to face the reality that I had created for myself, but it was what allowed me to put my whole life in question and start a profound journey of self forgiveness, self love, and self acceptance. Regaining, reclaiming, rebuilding, reaffirming, re-empowering myself along the way.

Today, I am following this path of self-reconciliation. Learning a little better every day how to be there for myself in a compassionate and loving way.

By deepening my own quest of healing, I am able to help my clients deepen their own journey of self love, and self acceptance.