As the founder of Sense of Self, the Snake of Journey was my first step toward self-acceptance and letting go of the anchors of my past. As I unraveled my stories of pain, rejection, abandonment, and lack of self-worth, I quickly realized that it required radical honesty, deep courage, and total responsibility – that I was the one that created it all… every memory, every drama, every broken relationship, all of it. Without that essential perspective, then where could I find the power to change if it was all done to me, and not because of me?

The essential truth is that everything is neutral until it is observed and polarized by the mind into extremes - good and bad, right, or wrong, happy, and sad, etc. This split represents the protective personality (a.k.a the ego) and how we create stories by externalizing these perspectives into different emotional stories in our lives based on what we believe about ourselves.

When I took on the Snake of Journey, my perspectives started to shift, painful memories began to surface, locked down emotions bubbled up, and I knew it was time to reclaim my power that I had been giving away with no Sense of Self.

This first stage is messy; the feelings of pain and negative core beliefs are powerful – vulnerability, surrender and self-compassion is the only way through the dark nights of the soul.

When you take on the Snake of Journey – don’t be afraid if you find that you just can’t get out of bed, or you are pumping dense emotions like fear, grief, or shame for no apparent reason. Your body may ache more than usual – this is all part of shedding the stories of pain and suffering, this is the process toward letting go of the conditioning and negative core beliefs that hold us back.

We invite you to dive deep within yourself using the Sense of Self Spirit Animal – The Snake of Journey as your guide.

I am a Sense of Self Spirit Animal: The Snake of Journey.

Like the snake instinctively knows to shed its skin, I appear in your life when it’s time for you to release old patterns and ways of being. 

To shed – an old identity, bad habits, toxic relationships – is to journey down a winding road. Along the way you will unearth and revisit deep-rooted issues, but each time brings a fresh perspective that helps you release the hold it has on you.

Like the snake seeks a safe space to shed its skin, I offer you protection as you reveal your Sense of Self, layer by layer, so you can begin to tap into your power. This allows you to cut any energetic cords bound by pain, guilt, or unworthiness that tether you to others. As you evolve, the winding road uncoils and becomes easier to travel.

You are a guiding force for others on this journey. I serve as a reminder of the sacred wisdom already inside of you waiting to be activated. Your ability to change gives others the strength to as well. You serve as an example for others that growth comes from going through periods of discomfort and emerging as your most authentic Sense of Self.

With me around, know you are safe to go through each season of transformation in your life. Keep me close when you need the softness to shed what no longer serves you and the strength to regenerate again and again.