meet the sense of self healers and changers


This is the first chapter of your happy story 

The Healers and Changers in the Sense of Self Network are truly gifted at what they do.

Our Sense of Self Healers & Changers are among the best in the world with some having been featured on Gaia and other prominent outlets. All of our Healers and Changers are working with clients ranging from children to teenagers, adults of all ages in every walk of life. We have vetted them for efficacy in the short and long term, and at every stage of the Sense of Self Spirit Animal Journey. Their hearts are true, their gifts powerful and they live authentically.

Their range of services address some of the toughest challenges we all face, including traumas, defense mechanisms, repeating patterns & addictions, love & relationship issues, prosperity & self-worth challenges, forgiveness & acceptance, sexuality & identity issues, inner child & re-parenting healing, personal development, performance increase, shame, guilt, fear, blame & anger gang and much, much more.


Georgia Jean + The Circle

Georgia Jean was guided at an early age with deep knowledge and experience in a broad range of fields, including remote healing, the human energy field, the chakra system, vibrational sound healing, hypnosis, psychology, creative visualization, and crystal healing. She started channeling a non-physical collective known as “The Circle of Light” after an intensive period of personal evolution. Their messages come with a tremendous amount of healing energy and insight on how the spirit, body, and mind work along with deep clearings to shift stuck energy in the form of stories and pain in our bodies.

Personal Note From Kim: 

I found Georgia Jean & The Circle of Light on the Gaia channel. After watching her interview, I booked a private session, signed up for 3 of her boot camps, joined her Monday night awakening transmissions, and continue to listen to her incredible library of energy clearings every night and every morning - I use GJ + The Circle's tools daily to integrate negative emotion and release old stories and patterns...they have changed my life. Since I started working with their materials, I’ve had multiple energy clearing sessions with GJ + The Circle, and I left each session energetically shifted on the most profound and fundamental level. Because of GJ + The Circle, my reality templates were revealed, and it amplified all my other healing session’s effectiveness. 


Dirk Nellens

Hi, I’m Dirk Nellens, and I’m from Belgium. I’m grateful to Kim for allowing me to be a part of Sense of Self. I’ve been engaged as a student and facilitator of the Human Design System for 20 years. I live in Ibiza, Spain where this fascinating anthropological lens on life was born and put into the world by my teacher Ra Uru Hu.

For me, Human Design offers insights that enrich my relations with others and myself and teaches me to be more life affirming and compassionate towards myself and others. It showed me something about myself I had always felt but was never able to put into words. For anybody interested in “Who am I?” Human Design can shed a lot of light and be tremendously helpful. But having knowledge about one’s design isn’t the same as living it. So, since I was shown my design, I’ve been exploring it through meditation, body-based therapy, meditative therapies, creativity, the insights of Osho on life and whatever life throws on my plate.

I facilitate certified Human Design Analysis as well as ongoing coaching/therapy on how to bring those insights alive in one’s experience. It is a great door to walk through to deepen your Sense of Self!

Personal Note From Kim: 

Dirk came at a time in my life where I was deeply invested in my stories of pain from my past. I was living subconsciously, but I was on my self-acceptance journey of healing. As I was watching another Gaia interview on Open Minds, they featured Dirk as a Human Design Expert, having trained under Ra Uru Hu, the Human Design Founder & Messenger. I reached out to Dirk and scheduled a Human Design Reading. For me, this reading was nothing short of incredible. He explained my energetic type, a Manifestor, and themes that I’d been living since I was a child, like dealing with rejection, control and anger - all indicative of a Manifestor. Dirk spent 1.5 hours colorfully identifying my abilities to take an idea and put it into action effortlessly - for me Human Design has been a powerful self-acceptance tool that I refer back to again and again. I am honored to be working with Dirk and presenting his deep knowledge and gifts in Human Design.


Amaia Sourbe

I’m Amaia, I’m from the Basque Country in the south of France and it’s an honor for me to be part of Sense of Self. 

My exploration of Self has surely been the leitmotif of my life and some of it was enjoyable and revealing while other parts were dark and difficult. But I definitely found sense in it and it’s my pleasure to share my experience and practical approach through this online platform. I find joy in being of service in a practical way in day-to-day issues my clients encounter : relationships, family issues, repeating patterns, defense mechanisms, traumatic events, self exploration, decision making and so on. The deeper I go in my own process, the more my intuitive and therapeutic skills are honing. 

Decades of shamanic exploration brought me in touch with working with Human Design, tarot, soul reading, energetic clearings, and intuitive guidance. Today, I am applying these tools in my practice as a Holistic therapist.  Also, being a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, I specialized in a transpersonal approach. Thanks to my ongoing exploration and training in Gestalt therapy, I offer my clients ways to deal directly and creatively with the issues that hold them back on their journey towards their sense of Self.  For me, working with others is second nature and a joy. My door is open to anybody who feels the need of a hand reaching out.

Personal Note From Kim: 

Amaia did a Soul Reading for me, and like most people I did not know what to expect. In this session she displayed intuitive gifts that are indescribable until you experience this reading. As part of the session, Amaia checks your chakras, explains to you what is going on and asks permission to clear and align what’s out of balance. I didn’t FEEL my chakras were out of balance until she balanced them. For me it was an incredible experience and highly effective. Because I loved Amaia’s kindness, and softness and the Soul Reading session so much, I now book regular therapy sessions with her. Besides all her other gifts, she can capture deep seated subconscious themes that I don't have a perspective on but I’m experiencing the cognitive dissonance through repetitive behaviors or recurring patterns. She has prescribed powerful processes and held a space to help me close doors to my past that had been open for too long. We all need guidance and support - Amaia is a blessing to my continued path of self-acceptance and personal growth. 


Rebecca Zayas

"Because of my own powerful transformation through hypnotherapy, it is my passion and purpose to help others discover their own inner resources to create a healthy, happy, life."  

Rebecca Zayas is a Certified Clinical, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. She specializes in Childhood and Past Life Regression, Life Between Life, Parts Therapy, Breathwork, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Eye Movement Therapy, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, and Sound Healing. She is constantly educating herself on ways to help her clients live a balanced, happy, healthy life. Rebecca's practice is ‌at the Maitland Hypnosis Center, in Maitland, FL. She has many clients locally and internationally. She is available in person, in Maitland, FL, or virtually. She has been featured in Orlando Magazine and mentioned in She is also a presenter for the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists.

Personal Note From Kim: 

Rebecca is a big part of why I started Sense of Self. When I took on the Snake of Journey, I was fortunate enough to meet Rebecca and experience the power of hypnotherapy. Her loving, intuitive presence coupled with her deep knowledge and teaching experience make her an asset for those looking to work on a wide range of issues, including inner child hypnotherapy to heal traumas, improve sports performance on a professional level and not to mention she is magical with children. My 11-year-old daughter used to bite her nails, but after working with Rebecca she stopped. They say it takes a village, and that is particularly true in overcoming and becoming our most authentic Sense of Self - Rebecca has changed my life with her hypnotherapy gifts & techniques, as well as her friendship. She has supported my path every step of the way. My family and I are so grateful to her.