In the past, I experienced a push/pull, action-oriented, do or die approach for most of my life - where trying was the game and falling short was the story so I could call up even more energy in the form of resistance and use determination as my driving force to get results. It was exhausting and costly on the body and bank account. It is crazy how narrow my focus was when I operated like this because it was only about survival and operating in a projection field.

In the Tiger of Strength phase I learned how to feel emotion as energy but not attach myself to it. I still have to practice this but it is much easier now. As dense e-motions come up, I try not to suppress them - but ask questions to help detach from the feelings and become a witness. 

  • What do you need from me to feel safe?
  • Where do I feel it in my body?  
  • What colors do I see, if any? 
  • What words surface in my mind? 

GJ + The Circle and in their energy recordings teaches you how to relax and connect to your energy and physical body, ground yourself to the intelligence of the earth and drop into your heart by putting your attention in the middle of your chest. This takes practice along with their other tools but there isn’t anything more effective than this.

What I resist persists so with this approach the energetics shift from denial and judgment on how I’m feeling to a willingness to learn and experiment. My emotions are a language, a part of me that is trying to let me know it is stuck e-motion that is seeking to renew and reorganize itself. 

I have deep respect for myself and the healers I work with who keep pushing through dense emotions to piercing the veils of limitations and stories of pain. It takes a tremendous amount of strength and courage to get this far. Through understanding myself and how to integrate and use negative e-motion, I am not afraid of any old memory, thought or feeling. That is true freedom. 

I am a Sense of Self Spirit Animal: The Tiger of Strength.

I am unapologetic, intuitive, and courageous. My primary role is to give you the inner strength to look inside yourself in the most raw and truthful way.

My massive paws tear down distorted projections about yourself that do not reflect your truth. I am your shield against the drama and mind games that trick you into believing you are not good enough or that everything is falling apart.

I serve as a reminder that strength comes from vulnerability. I provide you with the unwavering courage required to show up and examine separated aspects deep within yourself. As uncomfortable and unyielding as the depths of our own darkness may be, with me by your side, you will emerge from it stronger and stronger, time and time again.

You are a beacon of light with a very specific purpose – to live as you are. No one can live your life for you. To understand who you are, you must understand who you are not and meet the darkness within you with absolute resolve. Over time, you develop the heart of a predator, chasing down the pain and ripping it away to reveal your authentic Sense of Self.