The healing stage is where I got stuck for many years. It was a hamster wheel of searching but not finding. I could identify the story of my pain, feel the pain that was programmed into my nervous system but never quite let it go or move past it. I knew I was experiencing repetitive behaviors because I could sense the same theme, experience the same reactions, blast out the same projections repeatedly. 

In the Eagle of Healing phase, I was healing and moving through my limitations and core negative beliefs running my life; but I was also a healer as I shared my stories of pain and what I was learning. What I found was through my example those around me could get in touch with some of their ‌issues going on with them. Then I realized there was a version of me that was already healed - a future self on a quantum level. I explored these perspectives… I am healing; I am a healer; I am healed - as I kept reframing and reclaiming my stories of pain and disempowerment.

For me, healing is the space where different degrees of traumatic events surface. They are subconscious themes, and over the years they have been protected and layered with different experiences that resulted in feelings of rejection, abandonment, vulnerability, sorrow, anger, helplessness, and victimization. Honestly, it pissed me off that I couldn’t see what was driving my behavior for so many years.

It revealed all the inner children I had running my mind in this stage. They were past versions of myself at different ages where I experienced emotional pain and established stories to support the pain.

One time I saw myself at 8 months old crying in a crib, with no one around and I spoke with this inner child saying "hey, it’s okay...I'm so sorry you've felt so helpless, lost and alone - I understand - but I'm here now to protect you and keep you safe." You can’t imagine the amount of energy I experienced as e-motions through this exercise. I had tears streaming down my face for days. It was all suppressed experiences that were too painful to deal with on a conscious level until I was ready to feel it and nurture it with the proper support and tools to integrate the negative e-motions as energy.

I’d spent a lifetime grasping at others trying to feel accepted, safe, and supported, but the raw truth is it only comes from the healing process within. I don’t get psychological or nervous system takeovers very much, and I am learning to decide based on what is happening in the moment. To be clear, this depends on the subject - we all have different areas of healing that we have to go through to varying degrees. I had to start with the inner child work because I was adopted so learning to feel safe in my environment and discontinue to produce stories of abandonment was goal #1. 

The Eagle of Healing phase is when I learned how to drop the rocks I’d been carrying around in my pocket and ‌stop adding more rocks on my journey. If this makes sense to you, then you can too. 

I am a Sense of Self Spirit Animal: The Eagle of Healing. 

The eagle calls on you to have the courage to abandon the familiar to soar with confidence into the unknown. But have no fear! My expansive wings offer protection as you burst open and awaken to the courage and power within you. With my support, you can rise above the stories and struggles that keep you stagnant and small.

My claws grab hold of the pain and stories deep inside of you and bring them into the light. When you bring what was hiding out into the universe, you learn to transmute the pain into peace. This ushers in new beginnings as you grow and realize what you are truly capable of in this lifetime.

I symbolize healing, new beginnings, and endless opportunities. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you push yourself to explore. With me by your side, you can find the confidence to reach new heights you never thought possible.

I help you see the world from a different perspective. I am a protecting and supportive influence as you push past your limits and take flight, revealing your true Sense of Self. I provide you with the resilience you need to endure any obstacles along your healing journey.